People support better walking and cycling facilities

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What does this image show?

The image shows the percentage of people who think that additional investments in active travel for walking and cycling is a very good or good idea versus those who say it is a bad idea. Whilst Aberdeen has an even split of opinion, elsewhere positive views outweigh negative views by as much as three to one (Ayrshire). Overall positive views outweigh negative ones by 1.8 to 1.

Why is this important?

One of the few positive impacts of the pandemic has been the increase in regular walking and leisure cycling. This is good for the long-term physical health of the nation and forms part of the necessary transition away from the private car for short journeys where even for journeys between 1 and 2 miles in length, 60% are driven. The findings are particularly important because there is often a strong vocal minority against roadspace reallocation away from the car, but this suggests wider support for a rebalancing.

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